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Coming Up...

Ski season is only 7 months away!

No summer meetings, we will start back in October!

SNO - May 11th, On the Border 544 W I-240, 5:30pm - Hostess BJ Todd

SNO - June 8th, TBD - Would YOU like to host?

Patriotic July 4th Baseball Night - Bricktown Ballpark $20 (incl hat, $5 concession voucher, great home seats!)

SNO - July 13th, TBD

Float the Beavers Bend River - July 16th, See Avalanche for Details

We are looking for summer SNO hosts and hostesses! If you want to pick a spot to gather for Skiers Night Out, can make sure the restaurant can handle a group and get there in time to greet everyone, then please let us know!

Check out our facebook page, our meetup page or check in right here on the website for updates about what's going on and how to get connected.  Go to the calendar page for additional details on any activity.  If you have an idea about a fun activity or would like to host one, please feel free to share at and as long as involves fun, food or beer, we'll consider anything!


Sun & Ski Sports Offers Discount to Ski Club Members!

That's right! Wear your ski club apparel or flash your Ski Club business card to get a 20% discount on ANY regular priced merchandise at the OKC store on North May or the Norman location.  Sun & Ski offers quality brands and great service for all of your sporting good needs as well as winter apparel and ski/ride equipment.

Right now, take in a gently used jacket to donate to Warmth 4 Winter and Sun & Ski will give you store credit to use toward any purchase!

Get 'paid' to invite your friends!

Membership in the OKC Ski Club is just $35 for a single membership and $45 for a couple, family or wild card! With a wild card membership, one person joins and can take another person with them without that other person having to join the club.

On that note, you might consider joining single even if you're planning to take someone on a trip! For each person you get to join the Ski Club YOU get $25 off of your trip! Get 4 people to join, that's $100 off!

You can renew your membership online and pay via paypal or just print out the application and mail it in with your check to our PO Box.

If you have any questions, please send them to



Find us on Facebook

Newsflash: If you're not friends with us on facebook, you're missing out on a lot of real time information.  Tune in to our facebook page to see photos from events, updated calender information and much more!

Bored? Go meetup!

Come find us on and never be bored again! Just by entering your profile, you'll be connected to all of the social events for the OKC Ski Club and then something amazing will send you links for other meetups happening in the area based on the options that you choose! Find a new book club, wine club, astronomy club, awareness group, etc.  If you like to do it, you can bet that there are others out there that like to do it too and it's always fun to meet new people! Most of the meetups are like ours and take place at a public venue, so there's no fear of going to a private home if you're a single person or just want to sit and watch the group from afar before joining it...not...that I've EVER done that before! You'll everything from concerts to ball games, wine tasings to baking's all there and wherever YOU are.  You can select OKC or narrow it down to just your suburb.    And there's no pressure to join the other groups...the only way they even know you're out there is if you click on the link and join their group.

Check it out! It's a great way to meet other people with similar interests, or maybe even just find something new that you're interested in! We've had a lot of luck with new members off of and I have enjoyed seeing all of the different meetups that happen each week.  Who knows? You might find a new hobby...or hubby! 

April Showers...May Flowers and June Bugs!

It's time to start getting outdoors, patio dining, hiking, golfing and having fun! If you're interested in hosting an event (say at Riversport Adventures, a hike in the Wichitas or Chandler Park, maybe just to check out the new brewery in Stillwater, just work out the details and send to and we'll help you promote it!


Current Avalanche

Click here to download this month's Avalanche.

We Heart Snowboarders!

The OKC Ski Club has been in existence for a VERY long time...long before snowboarding existed and long before snowboarding became a part of the Oklahoma winter sports culture.  We have a large group of snowboarders in our club and many of them have medaled in the FSA races that we attend each year.  Without changing our logo or the name of our club, we just want you to know that are welcome! We <3 snowboarders!

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PO Box 54912
Oklahoma City, OK


Please Share...

Your ski club officers want to hear from you! Where do you want to see us go? Do you have suggestions on helping us increase membership or advertising? Maybe there's a fun new spot for a SNO or speaker for a meeting...let us know! All of the officer information is posted in the monthly Avalanche and we are here to help make the club fun for YOU! You pay your membership dues, so participate in the activities and tell us what you'd like to see so we can continue to grow and give our members the best value! Send your questions or comments to and every e-mail will be responded to.  Thanks!

Membership Reminder

Just a friendly reminder to pay your membership dues, just $35 for singles and $45 for wild card or families! You must be a member of the OKC Ski Club to go on a Ski Trip - or be a member of any FSA Ski Club. Membership in the OKC Ski Club grants reciprocity to any other FSA member club.  Download the membership application by clicking on JOIN and mail in with your payment, or submit online via's that easy!