Crested Butte: Trip 7

Crested Butte: Trip 7

On Wednesday, March 18, 2009, 34 hearty souls clambered aboard Kincaid Bus 1075 for a spring break trip to Crested Butte. Needing a bit of a challenge before they left, the City of Yukon tore up the intersection of Mustang Road and 10th Street to ensure everyone had to use an alternate route to the bus barn. Once there, our skiers were guided through a maze of (approximately 20) busses being staged for the Pre-Paid Legal convention the following morning. But at 6:03 PM, our intrepid adventurers were off to Colorado.

Dan and Linda Boatright , son John and daughter-in-law Amber Robberson didn’t even get out of the city limits, before the wine began flowing and the cheese began to be passed around. The Boatrights became everybody’s new best friend. Too bad son James and daughter-in-law Kelly Robberson were missing all the action since they were flying in from Seattle. Dan, since you are up, could you . . .?

We had a wide range of ages on the trip: from 3 year old Meredith Mollman, (on her first ski trip with mom Bobbi Bailey, dad Matt Mollman and grandma Glenda Mollman) to several “experienced” skiers in their 70s. Maybe that’s why

we had over half the bus down (and many out!) by 9:30 PM on the trip to the mountain. Or maybe it was the wine? Dan, since you are up, could you . . . ?

We reached Gunnison at 5:40 AM and our considerate trip captain Craig Henry alerted the McDonald’s that we were in their parking lot awaiting their opening. Unfortunately, our mountain driver and OKC Ski Club member Tim Deal was greeted by a less than appreciative store manager at 6:05 AM explaining that we should have called ahead (the day before, no less) to inform McDonalds we were coming. James & Kelly met their family there after their Seattle –Denver-Gunnison trip. Dan, since you are up, could you . . .?

We arrived at the Mountain and, Hooray! ,only one change room. It was reported that the Young clan—Bill, Randi, Jimmy and Issac Maupin were streaking up to the base to get in all skiing they could the first day, while mom Cheryl, and Bill’s folks James and Marie settled into the condo. The Gibson’s: Scott, Linda, Keely, Brandt and Adam Wise were close behind! But, surprise!, surprise! they met Dennis Vanderburg, Ole Powell and Gary Hunter who had already gotten a couple of runs in before. I seem to have head a comment regarding age before beauty? Or was it the early bird . . .?

Katie Trivitt had the biggest “yard sale” of the first day, but evidently Matt Mollman also provides great “crash entertainment” as well when he is doing his Picabo Street imitation. TMI!! John & Judy Schroeder got in some good runs as well on Day 1.

That night there was a continual turnover of OKC Ski club members in the hot tub. There was a rumor going around that Scott and Linda Gibson, Sandy Jividean and Marilyn Hays headed to town to party like they were 50 year old Rock Stars. We later heard that they were all in bed early (like tired 50 year old Rock Stars!)

Day two was warm—almost too warm. What started out as a sweater morning turned into a hot afternoon. Tim Deal took to shorts and shades after lunch and skied in the slush most of the afternoon. Joshua Moore and Joseph Mengivar hit the blue slopes that afternoon with mom Lori Moore —first time on the blues.

That night most of the trip members continued a CB tradition in town by converging on Donita’s Mexican Restaurant for food, fun, food, merriment, food, libations and, oh did I mention it, food? Funny, I never heard anyone ask Dan for anything Friday night!

Saturday was another warm day and a group made several runs together—Craig, Gary, Tim, Ole, James Neil and Dennis. Craig finally abandoned his ancient 205 cm K2s for a set of Völkl shape rentals and was finally able to keep up with the “youngsters” without being worn out. Unfortunately, the slush caught up with Judy this day and she twisted her knee; do you know that a ski pole can be used as a crutch in a pinch? Hope you are doing better Judy!

The Young’s entered a raffle and Jimmy won a new snowboard for a $5 ticket. Additionally they “captured” a back pack, a box of granola and a hat. Who says all you do in the mountains is ski!

Sunday, the die-hards hit the mountain early and most of us shuffled into change rooms. We were able to assemble everyone at the bus 40 minutes early and we were on the road 30 minutes ahead of schedule due to a storm brewing to our west. Clear, dry and minimal traffic to Canon City for a 12 minute turn-around for ice & pizza. The Boatrights replenished the wine and cheese-Dan, since you are up, could you . . .? and we all had plenty to eat (and drink!)

We found a new definition of “Rock & Roll” on the way home as the gust front caught up with the bus. Shake, rattle and roll was also applicable for our nighttime return. So Shaken, but not stirred, we wheeled back to the bus barn for wonderful spring break trip to Crested Butte.

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1. Gustavo wrote:
Daniel, sorry your comment slipepd through the cracks. Halloween bowl is generally accessed from Schofield, if you can still get up there after the recent snow. It is generally pretty difficult to drive past the first switchback on Slate River, which leaves you pretty low, though I have accessed Baldy that way as well. Sometimes Wash gulch is the best way. Early season is a bit of a crapshoot in terms of which road is the best access. Think snow- it's a lot easier with a base and the normal winter trailheads

Thu, September 13, 2012 @ 12:13 PM

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