Hiking in Aspen

Hiking in Aspen

Mon, August 22, 2011

August 22nd -26th Aspen Hike-Shop-Dine!

Hosted by Linda Wells, Dolores Hopeman & Janie Hlinicky. Meet us in Aspen for some enjoyable hiking, dining and shopping. You’ve seen the Aspen area covered with snow, wait till you see it in summer!

You make your own lodging and transportation arrangements. There are many small towns along the road to Aspen. You could even stay in Glenwood Springs.

Thinking about hiking some trails in the Snowmass area this year. But where ever we pick, we start out with an easy to moderate hike the first day so we can get acclimated. We pick a different trail each day. Eventually working up to a more difficult trail on the 2nd or 3rd day.

Contact Linda Wells at 405-720-9912, Dolores Hopeman at 405-229-8325 or Janie Hlinicky at 405-313-9083. Let us know if you are interested in meeting us in ASPEN.